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"Providing Visual Impact in a Prestigious Manner"TM

​*** Covid-19 ***

Our family here at V.I.P. Signs and Graphics, pray that you and your family, both immediate and extended, are in good health and safe from this covid-19 pandemic. The world as we knew it, has been changed dramatically, in such a short period of time, due to this virus and there is no shortage of information, sustaining that fact. 


Some of us may have been a little more prepared for an emergency , than others but rest assured, we are all facing the same situation together. For some of us our obligations are heavy and for some of us, our obligations are a bit lighter. If you are in a position to help someone, please do so, whether they are family, friend or neighbor, let us all react in the same manner and show generosity and kindness with love, as we help them.


I have faith that we will be prospering abundantly just as the rest of the world will be prospering, according to their faith, in the coming months ahead. I leave you with this passage in scripture, as a word of encouragement, to your faith – Ephesians 6:10-18


Ruben Hernandez

Owner / President


Channel Letter Signs

- LED illumination

- Face lit, reverse lit, dual lit

- Raceway mounted

- Individual flush mounted w/ remote power supply

Cabinet Signs

- LED illumination

- Wall mounted

Monument Signs

- Monolithic monument

- Single pole

- Double Pole

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